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East Jay Construction has a solid history of experience in building and design. The founder extends from a family of construction workers and engineers whom have building experience throughout the Midwest and Southeast Michigan. East Jay Construction specializes in providing the expected results that homeowners and developers want to see.

East Jay Construction can service projects ranging from entire kitchen or bathroom replacements to whole home additions and new construction. We work with:

  • Insurance companies

  • 203K loans

  • Municipal land banks

  • Auction blocks

  • Private equity investors

  • HELOC improvements

  • DIY homeowners looking for that extra guidance.

Regardless of project size and scope, East Jay can hammer it out! Our core team includes:


  • A general contracting group

  • A regional project manager

  • Interior designers

  • Back office support

The team stands alongside our clients acting as a service provider and educator for your home improvement needs. We are happy to answer any questions regarding our services. If you would like to review architectural plans or have other questions about building specs, feel free to give us a call.

From plans to reality, East Jay Construction will see your project to successful completion. Get in contact today.

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